3.1       Regular Members - Any individual, business entity, partnership, corporation, or firm which is a signatory to any collective bargaining agreement with the Sheet Metal Workers International Association or any local union thereof. The Board of Directors shall have sole authority to determine the qualifications for regular membership in this Association.


3.2       Associate Members – Associate membership in this Association is available to any person, firm, or corporation engaged in selling products and/or services to the Regular membership of this Association.  Associate membership is available to those firms who are interested in furthering the objectives and goals of the Industry. Associate Members shall have no property rights or voting rights and shall not be eligible for office in this Association.  The Board of Directors shall determine, from time to time, the criteria for Associate membership in this Association.


3.3       Voting Rights.  Each Regular member, in good standing, shall be entitled to one vote on each matter submitted to a vote of the members.  Each member firm shall designate one representative who shall be entitled to one vote on each matter submitted to a vote of the members at any meeting of members.


3.4       Application of Membership.  An applicant for Regular or Associate membership in the Association shall file his/her application with the Association office.  Each applicant shall subscribe to and agree to be bound by the Bylaws of this Association in effect as of the date of his/her acceptance into membership, or as the same may thereafter be amended.


3.5       Terms of Membership.  Any Regular member of the Association may tender his/her resignation by filing with the Association his/her resignation in writing and paying in full, all financial obligations of record against him/her.  Such resignation may be duly accepted by the Board of Directors of the Association.  No resignation shall be accepted until such obligations have been paid or adjusted to the satisfaction of the Board of Directors.  Any Regular member of the Board of Directors who is an employee, officer, shareholder, or principal of a regular member who resigns shall be deemed to resign as a director, if so serving.


It shall be the duty of each Regular and Associate member of this Association to observe and abide by the Bylaws, to cooperate with the Directors for the purpose of attaining and effecting the objectives of the Association.


3.6       Membership Fee.  Each Regular or Associate member shall pay to the Association an admission or membership fee in such amount as the Board of Directors shall determine.  Said payment shall accompany the application of the Regular or Associate member.


3.7       Annual Dues.  The Annual Dues for this Association shall be as established from time to time by the Board of Directors, and shall be payable at such times as determined by the Board of Directors.


3.8       Suspension or Expulsion.  Any Regular or Associate member who is delinquent in his/her dues, obligations under the collective bargaining contract or has violated a rule of the Association or who is guilty of any conduct inimical to the welfare of the Association may be suspended or expelled.


The Board of Directors shall give any Regular member who is the subject of the proposed action fifteen (15) days’ prior notice of the proposed expulsion, suspension, or termination and the reasons therefore.  Said notice shall be sent by first class or registered mail to the Regular member at the last address of the Regular member shown on the Association’s records.  The Regular member may submit a written statement to the Board regarding the proposed action not less than five (5) days before the effective date of the proposed expulsion, suspension, or termination.  Prior to taking the proposed action, the Board shall review any such statement submitted and shall determine the mitigating effect, if any, of the information contained therein.  The decision of the Board of Directors shall be final.


Any fully paid-up Regular member terminated from the Association shall receive a prorated refund of dues or assessments already paid.


A suspended Regular member shall not be entitled to exercise any of the voting rights set forth in Article III herein.  Any Regular member suspended from the Association may be reinstated upon the removal of the cause of suspension by majority vote of the Board of Directors at the meeting at which reinstatement is acted upon.