SMACNA Mid-Atlantic Chapter Committees 2016 - 2017

Committee Function Members
Executive Acts on behalf of the Board of Directors between meetings on mattes requiring immediate attention or urgent dispatch. President Dale Trunnell, Vice President Kathy Bigelow, Treasurer Kevin Grenier, and two at-large Board members
Finance Monitors the chapter’s entire financial process by paying close attention to revenues, receivables due the organization, investments, and the budgeting process. The Treasurer chairs the committee. Treasurer Kevin Grenier
Labor Negotiating Keeps members informed on labor’s positions and issues regarding contract negotiations. Regular meetings will take place with SMACNA Chapter members to assess needs and with Local 100 to discuss issues of mutual interest leading to a successful agreement.

 Washington-- Mike Miller, Chairman; Dale Trunnell, Greg Pickens, Vince McGownan, and Frank Battaglino

Baltimore--Stan Fleischer, Richard Titus,

Combined Labor Relations Advisory Provides input to the Labor Relations Committee. Robert Gawne,, Geoff Parks, Greg Pickens, Jerry Robinson, Vince McGowan, Stan Fleischer
*Pension and Health Fund Trustees This joint committee is made up of members from SMACNA Mid-Atlantic Chapter and Local 100 who work together to oversee the pension and health funds. Kathy Bigelow, James Noto, Geoff Parks, and Scott Gregory
*Joint Apprenticeship Training This joint committee is made up of members from SMACNA Mid-Atlantic Chapter and Local 100 who work together to assure the highest quality of education and training for future sheet metal workers. Jerry Robinson, Chairman;, Robert Gawne (alternate)
Combined Apprenticeship Training Advisory Advises the JATC on matters of interest including curriculum, administration, and other matters relating to the education and training of sheet metal workers. Frank Battaglino, Rob Delawder, Jerry Robinson, Robert Gawne, Mike Doerk, Gary Valdisera, Frank Battaglino,  Stan Fleischer,  Vince McGowan
*Apprentice Fund Trustees Committee oversees expenditure of funds expended for apprentice education. Jerry Robinson, , Robert Gawne (Alternate)
Long Range Planning Works within a process to determine where the association is now and what is needed to meet the future needs of the membership. Vice President, Chairman; Kathy Bigelow, Kevin Grenier,  Jim Kelleher, Jerry Robinson, Rob Delawder
Safety and Health Guides the chapters efforts regarding worker safety and health matters. Recommends training and educational ideas to Education Committee and to staff for newsletter articles. Jamie Devan, Chairman; John Santivasci,  Jay Jenkins, and Mike Doerk
*Joint Pension Works with the union leaders to ensure the Pension Protection Act of 2006 is in compliance. This applies to all regions of the chapter. Stan Fleischer
Education & Training Evaluates the educational and training needs of the members and suggests programs, speakers, and formats necessary. Rick Freeman, Rob Delawder, John Santivasci
Government Affairs Follows state and federal activities effecting industry members. Maintains relationship with SMACNA and advises the Board of Directors on strategies. Frank Battaglino , Stan Fleischer
Nominating As required by the association’s bylaws, this committee will submit to the membership at the annual meeting a slate of board members for election. Immediate Past President Stan Fleischer, Chairman;
Suppliers’ Committee  This committee represents vendors to the trade and provides insight and support on key issues. Sean Welch, Chairman; Chris Warren, Kris Moore, Matthew Simmons

*Indicates joint committee made up of chapter members and representatives from Local 100

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