Industry Definitions

Architectural Sheet Metal: Specializes in sheet metal work on the form and function of exterior and interior spaces in order to enhance the appearance of a building. For example, metal roofs, siding, gutters, steeples, fascia, roofs, and decking.

Balancing Contractor: Tests, adjusts, and balances building operating systems to insure that the entire mechanical system performs to it's maximum potential as intended by the design. (See Testing and Balancing)

Combination Mechanical Ventilating Sheet Metal: Contractors fabricate and install both the ductwork and mechanical equipment (heating units, air exchanges, etc.) for buildings and industries according to the specifications. These contractors will often include service of the equipment as part of their specialty.

HVAC: Stands for Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning. In the HVAC commercial field, encompasses all the aspects and requirements for heating, ventilating, and air conditioning in commercial buildings. The systems used in commercial buildings today are very complex and they require the sheet metal worker in this field to have superior skill and knowledge.

Industrial Sheet Metal: Consists of sheet metal systems most used in industrial type settings. These systems may be used for fume removal, material conveying, manufacturing processes, etc. The industrial industry uses welding as the preferred method of joining materials together. This type of work is usually done on thicker materials that are not easily joined by any other method. Industrial sheet metal is performed in many different types of industries such as the automotive industry, pharmaceutical industry, silicon chip manufacturing industry and many more. Residential HVAC: Installs, maintains and services heating, ventilation, and air conditioning units, along with ductwork, in residential properties and developments.

Specialty Sheet Metal: Contractors who specialize in "other" sheet metal, such as copper, stainless steel, and alloys. Their work includes kitchens, laboratories, decorative interior and exterior finishing. Also includes "production" shops that provide pre-formed sheet metal goods for other contractors.

Testing and Balancing: The process of testing existing air and hydronic systems to ensure that they are operating as they were designed. After testing the system it is then adjusted, or balanced, to ensure that the proper amount of air or water is being delivered to the proper space. The testing and balancing also involves in IAQ (Indoor Air Quality). This process tests the air for things like mold or carbon dioxide and makes recommendations on how to fix any problems that exists with the quality of the air.

Ventilating Sheet Metal: Fabricates and installs sheet metal ductwork. Includes heating, air conditioning, and exhaust systems for building and industry.

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