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  • News Release: Stromberg Receives Energy Savings Rebate from Pepco

    Stromberg Metal Works, a SMACNA-member contractor based out of Beltsville, MD was recognized on July 22, 2022 for adopting a new state of the art and energy efficient piece of equipment in their shop. In addition to recognition, Pepco presented Stromberg with a check for over $32,000 representing the lifetime energy savings generated by their use of a new waterjet to cut metal for projects. The recognition was done in conjunction with Pepco’s Energy Savings For Business program, an initiative designed to encourage contractors and other entrepreneurs within the region to seek solutions that result in more energy conservation within the electric grid.

    Bryan Crawford, a Senior Energy Efficiency Program Manager with Pepco outlined the benefits of working with a SMACNA contractor on this type of initiative: “Stromberg’s waterjet project provided a unique and creative opportunity to accomplish both. The Stromberg team worked diligently with their service provider and the program to ensure that all the project requirements were completed on schedule.”

    Crawford also talked about what working with Stromberg meant to the DC metro community, saying “Stromberg represents the diversity of our customer base, we learned a great deal about metalworking industry operations through this project and it is the company’s hope that the success of this project will drive additional energy savings efforts, both standard and complex, through the program.”

    In talking about the benefits of Stromberg’s nearly 80-year relationship with SMACNA, Tish Suhr, Stromberg’s Chief Financial Officer, said “SMACNA membership is a focal point where we as an industry can evolve and embrace the new technologies in our shops."